Truth be told: I feel disingenuous sharing this story, because I’ve healed so much that it feels like somebody else’s story now. But for you to know who I am, you need to know who I’ve been…

I was born with the gift of singing. But years of exploitation in early life made this gift feel more like a curse.

Most of my childhood was wasted on being forced to sing to make money for others, under threat of hellfire. Though I was fortunate in my teenage years to be classically trained and taken all over the country to sing with stars, the act of singing itself had become a trigger, reminding me of those states of powerlessness I felt so often as a younger girl.

So I left it all behind for a decade. Switched my focus to writing under the pen name Alicen Grey, and even scored some awards for this.

But the further I drifted from music, the more lost and confused I felt. Because deep down I knew that, buried underneath the pain, was my purpose.

So I decided to reclaim my voice from the thieves of destiny. It took many dark-nights-of-the-soul and trauma-integrations… but here we are, at long last.

Now, I sing because I want to sing.
Now, my voice is my voice.
When I share my music, I am sharing my process of self-liberation.

Thank you for listening.