The Harvey Weinstein Scandal: A Call to Arms

“We’ve all memorized the steps to this culture-wide choreography by now: Rapist is exposed. Everybody virtue-signals their feelings about the rapist and/or victim(s). The story trends for a while. Then it slowly fades out of our consciousness and we collectively move on to the next news fad. In the end, nothing changes. Sexually abusive men remain in power, and women remain their easy targets.

Now is the time to strategize, not virtue signal. Strategizing means figuring out what exactly the problem is, then devising a solution accordingly. This is the only way to potentially change the way things are. So if we know the problem is men being the gatekeepers to women’s success, the solution might be to take men out of the equation altogether.

I’m proposing that we create our own media, as independent of men as possible.”

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The Transgender Bathroom Debate is Rape Culture in Action

Liberal feminists tend to fancy themselves, like, totally Conscious or whatever. They know rape culture is a thing, and they are against it. Well, they claim to be. But as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Their behavior in the transgender bathroom debate is no exception.

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Not All Men? Well, actually…

Every damn time a woman tries to talk about male-pattern violence, even when she’s polite as pie, here come teh menz in droves to shut her up with sandwich jokes and suck-my-dick’s and you-fucking-cunt’s and I’m-gonna-kill-you-in-your-sleep’s.
Try to talk about male violence, and males will inevitably shut down the conversation with… more male violence. #LOLgic

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You’ve heard of rape culture, but have you heard of pedophile culture?

Pedophilia may seem taboo and despised by the masses, but an honest appraisal of our culture at large reveals otherwise. I propose that pedophilia is actually rewarded and celebrated, and that our entire culture and understanding of sexuality is constructed around what seem to be pedophilic desires. I call this “pedophile culture.”

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Can we please stop talking about rape like it’s an accident?

The implication of the consent culture movement seems to be that if rapists were simply informed that “yes means yes” and “no means no,” they would suddenly realize the horrors of their rapey-ness and not-rape anymore.
While this campaign to state the obvious may stop like, .002% of rapes (and I’m being generous here)… I’d wager a fortune that most rapists already know what “no” means. But apparently we need to be reminded that sexual predators are, um, predators.

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Today’s my veganniversary, and I’m eating an egg right now.

The irony is that I began learning about cults at the same time that I was becoming more zealously vegan — but it didn’t occur to me that maybe this behavior was cultic, too. It’s typical of ex-members to unknowingly jump right into another cult after leaving one; cult expert and survivor Janja Lalich calls this phenomenon cult hopping.

“Wait!” the vegans cry. “Are you calling veganism a cult?”

Yes. Yes, I am.

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