Freedom in Flight

My music name “When Humans Had Wings” was inspired by this marvelous essay, which first appeared on in 2011.

Freedom in Flight

The lesson in knowing that you can fly long distances with no harm requires engagement, full desire and the commitment to becoming one and remaining one with the Universe as a whole. The spirit of the universe will show each individual this way.  Through cleaning the body, true Spirit will contact you, and will remove the covering and blocks that previously kept you from the infinite ability of ‘freedom in flight’.

Trust that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step in the state of belief.

Everything You Imagine can not only come true, but ‘will’ come true.

This is a cosmic law.

Write your own story – make it an epic, there is no place you cannot go.

If you were to ask a person, an individual, what is important to them they would most likely claim the family, health and then prosperity as well as expression of self as important to their lives.

In terms of ‘expression of self’, this may be in several areas:  arts, sports, reading and writing, spending times with good friends, friends that make you laugh, help you think,  feel; friends who help you be more accomplished following your passions.

If you were truly given the opportunity to think and share with your friends what to wish for in the destiny of the deeper well, their instinctive desire and ‘need for freedom’ would come up. The indwelling spirit wants to experience or be immersed, sustained in a constant of many states: wisdom, benediction, placement of generosity as appropriate, and the ‘freedom of flight’.

So strong is the desire for the ‘freedom of flight’ at the base of our being, in our will to experience existence, that people will take great strides to reach flight even if only for short periods of time. All over the world individuals and groups practice jumping off high places with bungee cords, base parachutes, out of high airplanes day after day, gripping hang gliders, seeking to capture a moment perhaps minutes of what the freedom of flight can be; albeit under the force of gravity… often straight down.  For one to take these plunges using their physical body, there is always the gamble of death or severe paralytic injury as a consequence.  One must remain very alert to practice jumping and soaring with their physical body, this precious physical resource that many have waited to receive as a sacred gift what may seem a very long time. One does not want to bring injury to this gift.

The nerve required to walk off a high bridge, from a cliff, from a plane is immense  – to jump off a high place even with a cord or chute is often described as being ‘past reasoning’, and not justified in the mind of many who claim to be balanced persons, who wish to protect their body from harm. Yet, most people would like to have this experience, though only a small percentage of humans ever do.

“Flying Machine,” a blueprint for functional wings to be worn by humans. Leonardo Da Vinci, 1488.

Still, the otherwise perfectly sane have many times described a feeling  of the rush of intended flight off a balcony they were standing nearby or on.  This rush for flight ensuing strikes the person at first glorious and then terrifying.  How deep our genetic code draws on our inner need to experience flight! The desire of emotion to fly so strongly mirrors our own wish for immortality, which in turn leaves the mind in its present evolutionary state confused, deliberating, probing, wondering: ‘why, as I am immortal, why is it that I cannot fly?’.  In our great whim to fly the jury remains out, we can not judiciously make a mistake, we do not want to die, and then ‘disappear’.  

Even for the most discerning of this condition one believes some justice had been mislaid, some thing wrong happened in our past, some thing that keeps us vastly inferior to many of the other species: those who can glide and dive in great harmony through the branches of the trees with nary a cautionary thought in their brain. Until a negotiable settlement is realized and reached- ‘flight by human’ for now is available only to those who know the inner workings of spirit, the knowledge of which remains for All to know and experience.

Headed towards a Heavenly Dynamic

It is presently accepted by many of our surface planet population [believed upon], that what ancient evolutionary skill we have in truly safe flight has been lost, gone, removed from our genetic resources. We are so taken in by flying that even the dream states of flight are often viewed as worshipful, set in the company of godlike visions.  One so wants to fly… there surely cannot be a line of demarcation(?) between true flight and dream flight. People  have described from personal insight, and not only that in ancient myth, that their wings have been sheared off at the shoulder blades…that they are presently living in a prison devoted to the remembrance of their past whereby they once flew. Truly what we once were and what we are today, are viewed as totally different.  Why has such a great abyss divided us from our past?

Once sovereign soaring eagles we humans now are chickens within an invisible electric fence of the stolen mind, our eggs to be harvested and sent to other distant places. We are made dumb just enough to keep us remaining a harvestable species, for how very long, who will tell.

The ability to move by flight from one place to another in this world as in other dimensions has for a moment in this eternity [eternity being measurable] remains reverently sensed as out of our reach. The engagement of this dumbing down process is created and connected to the tissues of our deep subconscious  as a holy foundation in our lives’ existence, to remain as a form of secure sustenance to our creator, a suspended belief, not to be interrupted for many, many years to come… if ever. We are told we must remain imprisoned in a body that has no wings, but some day – out there in the future, if we are good a set of wings will be returned to us.

For those who sincerely desire, who ask with the deepest portion of their heart, all is given, including the wings for freedom in flight…today, now, this very moment.

A Method of Flight

For the interim of this measured time, we who practice the awakened divine current of VRIL have learned a method of flight, whereby we may go anywhere with our consciousness intact, awake, clear, valid, of high value and purpose, open eyed – we travel freely and by thought quickly in this universe and more, we have no need to first die, or die ever…no need.  We go – move by the desire and will – the whim of the heart.

The Method is Engaging High Energy

In our group of practitioners, we can move directly from one place to another with the experience of flight, or we can walk into another portal of the planet like walking from one room to another, in an instant. This sense of empowerment increases in gradations as the skill to move consciously and strategically increases…becoming more precise, more capable. Overtime the increased adherence to this task results whereby one can move from the surface consciousness of this planet Earth to a comfortable observation point on [like] the grid of a moon of Saturn, as their human body relaxes in their meditation space whether it be in home or office.

For the distinction of the flight process we may define our work in two levels: one, the use of astral travel and second the use of hyper-spacial travel. Though both have their individual challenges, the actual immersion into both these currents of energy requires the removal of blocks causing difficult patterning of clear energy flow in the neural system for the opening of strength [i.e. congestion from trauma, such as that associated with birth, fear of falling, drowning, invasion of animosity, toxic food or air -whatever works on the neural system causing anxiety].  Once one taps into the strength of the Universe, one is no longer a slave to their past belief that they are a mortal stuck on a prison mind planet such as ours: a place whereby fear is continually presented in our media, in schools, the religious fear invasion of family; but that we are Immortals who can stretch to infinity and back, by whim, by the desire of the heart.  Not crippled flightless chickens whose DNA resources are to be harvested – continually…secretly, with the blessings of a hidden god of religion.

Through accessing the higher frequencies, the higher vibrations of the body’s will, by immersion into the deeper vibratory states we leave the experience of physical fears and false religious entanglements behind.  And through the sustained practice, this model of enduring flight becomes more naturally awakened, occurring, resulting in one being empowered to fly at will anywhere in the universe.

Entering the astral realm we experience free flight, and then in the coming corridor we will have the development of the great experience that of ‘teleportation’, traveling into realms known and not yet known.  For one to enter into hyperspace and jump to exalted places as one wishes takes great desire and will; in truth we measure our ability in freedom by these two factors: desire and will.

Getting help for accomplishing this task of flight begins by asking one’s Inner Self: ‘can I truly do this?-will I do this? Is this good for me?’. Through exhausting the soul’s fear shrouded by the previous imagination of doubt, one will inherit the winds of freedom through willful desire.

Once one gets past the cognitive embrace and transcends the inaptitude of the duty to the mind’s cautionary tale – one can see beyond the oblivion of the Void and into the active energy of true flight. A constant reminder of true self.

The mind is required to change to make this leap, to enter into the center of the brain and sit on the throne of the pineal gland –  it is an evolutionary leap. One is going from a walking soul to a flying soul. One is achieving what all people want. We can go through all the arbitrary ideas that band us, that keep us from this freedom hidden from our immediate gaze of our original divine power; still the desire for freedom of flight is paramount, it is our natural ability which has been taken from us. One can learn from this alone, that we are a captured and imprisoned species, imprisoned in the depths of our mind which secures our body to this earth plane while removing the true choice of flight from our divine gifts.

As one vibrates stronger in their meditation the paths of sustained flight open up. The fear impressions are released naturally. Human entanglements that have created frustrations are loosened – removed, seen as temporary.  One begins the way knowing that freedom of flight is given to any and all who seek.

Seek dramatically. Tell your self that this power, this talent, this skill of flight is yours, yours to own and yours to share as is your desire.

The Domain of Flight

As one raises their vibration, their current, receiving more and more positive VRIL, the mind’s eye will open and the ability to pass through the Inner Eye is given. This is the initiation into the hidden Universe. One realizes that ALL power, knowledge and bliss is accessible and given to the one who first asks this goal is attainable by focus and desire.

The deeper one vibrates the greater their abilities to pass into other timelines, to go distant places, their power of flight grows and grows.

The joy from these experiences is the victory of visiting with the gods, for in your self you will realize once again, the virtue and intelligence of one’s soul is truly expressed by…

                                            …Freedom in Flight. Publishing 2011