Running Away From Cults: Tessa Lena Podcast

“Alicen is a sovereign soul, a seeker, a woman who is in touch with her powers and does not apologize for that.” Watch here.

Post-Woke Podcast episode 68:
Art as a Spiritual Path: How to Live an Inspired, Lucid Life

We talk about Art as an invitation into Shadow Work, creativity as a byproduct of emotional healing, and more. Listen here.

Post-Woke Podcast episode 61:
Overcoming Social Media Addiction & Censorship

Enhancing inner vision, imagineering freedom, and a true story about telepathy. Listen here.

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook | CFUV 101.9 FM – University of Victoria
September 10, 2022

“Exploring Paths to the Possible”: We talk about God, synchromysticism, astrology, Free Energy, and Life’s Biggest Questions. Listen here.

Post-Woke Podcast episode 50:
“RUN RABBIT RUN! ~ Music for the Mass Awakening”

on Art, Truth, Fun, and I Magi Nation. Listen here.

Indie Music Interviews: 10 Questions, 10 Answers

“I only started making music less than a year ago; I haven’t even released my full-length yet. So if the path is this crazy now, imagine a year from now? And a year after that? I can’t wait to see what else is going to happen, honestly.”

Read it here.

Post-Woke Podcast episode 29:
“Are You a Consumer or a Creator?”

in which we discuss Creativity versus Consumerism in the time of COVID. Listen here.

Post-Woke Podcast episode 2

in which I talk about how I healed from a spiritually abusive childhood to reclaim my musical destiny — and how you can, too. Listen here.